About Us

My Pet Dog and Me was started by two families, born from a passion for children’s learning, their passion for dogs, and for dog's enrichment. We know how important that relationship is between your child and your dog, they are both huge parts of your family. We know from our own families, that children love dogs. They love looking at them, talking about them and also learning about them.


We also know that parents are always thinking of their child’s safety around their dogs. Combining these elements into one simple solution for busy parents was how My Pet Dog and Me was created!

Emma and Nicholas have varied career backgrounds spanning from Interior Design, Broadcast Media to being busy parents of 3. Sadly, they don’t have the time for a dog at the moment but that doesn’t stop their children’s passion for pooches! With Emma and Nicholas' prior expertise in running multi-faceted outdoor concerts, they started investigating the idea of dog shows. This led on to a conversation with Amanda and the idea of a subscription box, resulting in My Pet Dog and Me.


Design, Logistics & Top Mum

Emma & Nicholas

Amanda has many years of experience working directly with dogs, in areas such as walking, training and grooming. Having worked for Guide Dogs for the Blind for a number of years and training dogs for their visually impaired owners, it was time to try something new. Amanda has always had a passion for helping children be safe around dogs and this seemed a good way to incorporate this. Once Amanda met her partner and his young daughter, she discovered a love of dogs can help to teach children (not only about dogs but about any skill). The dogs Amanda has worked with have taught her a lot over the years. Least of all how to resist a pair of puppy dog eyes!


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Amanda & Aidan

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